Police Lives Matter, Enough is Enough

Every day I turn on my computer, to be a digital patriot, to find the real news, I am constantly seeing random shootings of Police officers. This is so wrong. I am of the generation when you respected Police, you wanted to grow up and be a Policeman. They were our hero

My father was a retired cop in Greensboro, NC for 30 years. During those years, he never once had to draw his gun. But then again, people during those days were accountable for their actions. They were afraid to be arrested and go to jail. We need to bring these days back. 

The generation we are seeing, playing into the demonrats hands, of rioting, looting, shooting, and arson, but never incognito, never on their own street, they don't want their parents to know what they are doing. They are living in a video game. No accountability, no insight of their own, just want to play a gangster. This is not a game.

The demonrats, will play every card in their deck to get what they want in the name of greed and to divert you from finding out their own crimes, the deceit on the American people.

Here are some examples of just the past 2 days.

This last one is a doozy, the NFL put Jacob Blake's name on their helmets, honoring a rapist. George Floyd, had the week-long golden casket funeral when he died of a fentanyl overdose. Jacob Blake had already dropped his knife and was reaching for his gun. Do they want to make him a Martyr?

Well, I say Enough is Enough! Patriots right now are sitting on their hands waiting for justice for our men in blue. We know it won't go thru the legal channels because there is corruption up the ladder. There is good and bad in everything from apples to the climate. (lol) I myself have very few government employees that I think are credible. That is because they made it a lifetime career which wasn't what the initial government was built on. I feel our only Saving Grace is God and Trump.

President Trump didn't have to run, he didn't need the money or the headache. But he did, and for that, I am ever grateful.

This brings me back to the police. Sometimes they were the only ones to protect you. A person in your family raping you and your mother doesn't believe it. They would believe and help you. You locked your keys in the car, who did you call, the police. The post office would notice that an elderly person's mail has backed up, who would check on them, the police. Who teaches Dare in the school system, Drug Awareness, the police. Who will jump in a line dance just because he can, My father would. My father would even go to prisons on Saturday and preach.

So, summing up what the message I would like to get out. Police are your friends. They will protect you. don't abuse them in your political games. That is not what they are for. I love my police dept. When my husband passed, one officer gave me his home number, checked up on me, and stayed with me till the coroner left. If you see a Policeman, say thank you for your service, pay it forward if only a coffee. They are not your enemy, the Demonrats are.


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