Gun Sanctuary Movement Spreading Like Wildfire Beyond Virginia

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The Gun Sanctuary Movement Is Exploding

Before this fight comes to blows, some cities, counties and even states are attempting to take a stand in defense of the Second Amendment.

Although Second Amendment sanctuaries predate Democrats taking control in Virginia, Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam and his colleagues’ rise to power was the spark that ignited the fire beneath patriots in the state.

So far, over 90 counties and cities in Virginia have taken a stand against Democrat-proposed attacks on Americans’ gun rights.

That sends a clear message to Northam and company — proceed with gun-grabbing at your own risk.

And in recent weeks, Virginians’ spring toward liberty has spread to other states as well.

According to Reason, counties in Arizona, Florida, Texas and Wisconsin doubled down on their support of the Second Amendment last month, passing resolutions that expressed their support.

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Earlier this week, the uprising spread to the Bluegrass State as well.

Local officials made Harlan County, Kentucky, a firearm sanctuary county earlier this week, following their patriotic brothers and sisters all across the country, WYMT reported.

“We don’t feel like those law-abiding citizens should be infringed upon,” county Judge-Executive Dan Mosley said.

“They have this right as guaranteed by the Constitution of this country.”

It’s not just conservative strongholds getting in on the action, either.

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A town in decidedly liberal New Jersey declared itself a “sanctuary township” for gun rights earlier this month, NJ Advance Media reported.

New Jersey officials should expect more gun-loving patriots to join the fray as well — considering the state’s experiment with banning so-called high capacity magazines ended in failure when not a single one was handed over to the government in the days after the ban went into effect.

Of course, the prospect of violence hangs over every county’s decision.

While the left may accuse conservatives of propagating violence with firearms, never forget that Democrats are the ones threatening to send troops to deal with their own unruly citizens.

These counties’ attempts to protect the Second Amendment through legal means will only work if the government is willing to respect the wishes of the people in those jurisdictions.

If it fails to do that, all bets are off the table.