Coyote 101 for Uneducated

coy•o•te kī-ō′tē, kī′ōt″► <br>n. A wolflike carnivorous mammal (Canis latrans) of North and Central America, having grayish-brown or yellowish fur, large erect ears, and a drooping bushy tail. <br>n. A firefighter who is sent to battle remote, usually very severe forest fi

By Cindy Patriot.

As you can see above a coyote is an animal and also a term used for the cartels of child trafficking. When President Trump used the word coyote and the 500 children brought across the border and had no parents, it was referring to child trafficking.
You really are soulless if you think this is not happening. People in other countries pay to have their children brought across the border. They are used for sex and other unGodly ways on their travels. Which is why they have no parents. The coyotes go as far as they can and then leave them. During Ovamits 2 terms with Biden as his VP, they made cages for these children. Joe Biden seems to forget that because he is guilty of these sins against children. Trying to deflect his Satan attractions, and his followers are ignorant.
You will not believe how many blue verified political people that were trying to make is the coyote dog. Just so Stupid. If you need more help in understanding, there is a video you can watch. But you have 9 days to wake up from the Kool-Aid. From the leftist's promises. They are only trying to save themselves by grasping at the invisible straws they invented. It will be hell on earth. And to save you future embarrassment, a drug mule, is a person who packs the drugs inside his body to bring over the border. It is not a donkey.  Vote wisely, Vote Trump 2020 to save America. do not be a tool for the left.





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