What If Trump Had Remained in the White House???

Perhaps our beloved President Trump being in exile may be a great blessing in disguise.

On Election Day, it was our dearest wish, our fondest dream, our fervent prayer to see our beloved and duly re-elected President Trump remain in the White House. It's where he belongs. He looks good in the Oval Office and the Oval Office looks good on him. It's just...right!

What if our dream had come true?

What if the deluge of legitimate Trump votes had again overwhelmed the Democrat's cheating as they did in 2016 and President Trump had remained in the White House? What then?

Would we have realized Camelot as we expected or could Trump's oddly cheerful and gracious decamp from the White House to Mar-a-Lago on January 20th actually be a blessing in disguise?

The answer may surprise you!


Lenora Thompson

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