It Was an Enormous Challenge in the Midst of a Segregated Nation Some 60 Years Ago, and It Will Be No Less, and Possibly

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From the Shores of Tripoli". How Many Americans Don’t Have a Clue What This Stands for and Stood For?

"I been to Iraq, be honest America been at war since 1775! Why you ask because we gain the freedom that so many only dreams of. The other countries and nations are jealous of this freedom. They have called us the devil, by the middle east way before many even existed today. I even remember the real news in the 1980s showing the terrorist countries in the middle east always disrespecting us. By killing American journalists for a warning they are coming for all of us Americans. In my eyes, my parents' eyes and many generations before me know that middle-east countries are out to kill us. Has not changed; what has changed is ignorant people taking granted of freedom and don't know what it is like to be prosecuted for no reason. To be in the middle east and watching the deaths of innocent people, boys being raped, and women beaten for no reason is God's truth of how ignorant so many Americans are today.

The men and women serving as I have done, is allowing you to have freedom. But to disrespect, a President of the United States and military of America is getting old. Remember this, all military service member has taken an oath to defend the constitution of all domestic and foreign enemies. Domestic means people here in the United States, meaning don't push your luck on disrespecting the military and veterans. Because when you cry for help, we also can tell when a domestic enemy deserves the parish just like the Iran general. We will only defend the real Americans that support a real cause for over 200 years."

Wonderfully stated. Particularly that last sentence. For what is it worth to our nation, its essence, and future sustenance. If, when the time comes to protect it from within and eradicate infiltrators and insurgents, we also defend those who are not loyal and true patriots... other than to leave fields of seeds of weeds that will grow, thrive, and threaten us again and again? There was a time in American history when the socio-political "pendulum" swung too far to the radical Right, but now it swings too far to the radical Left and is in dire need of correction back to "center" once again. It was an enormous challenge in the midst of a segregated nation some 60 years ago, and it will be no less, and possibly even greater, a task for a nation now polarized with political division.

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