You've Just Gotta Love Our President! He Has No Fear. No Fear of Anyone or Anything

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He's not afraid of any of the lying corrupt democrats, even Nancy Dementialosi.
He's not afraid of any "leader", and I use that word "leader" loosely, of any country in the entire world. Including China, Russia, North Korea, Ukraine, etc.

He's not afraid of calling out corruption in government and not only calling out the corruption but who's involved in it, even if it means big names like Clinton, Biden, and Obama.

He's not afraid of the fake media, and not only is he not afraid, but calls them out, publicly, in real-time, while those cameras focused directly on him!

He's not afraid of taking out the evil, known terrorist, Soleimani, instead of the likes of bush and Ovamit who, instead, when faced with the opportunity to take him down, pulled their fluffy nonee blankets over their heads, while sucking their thumbs.

He's not afraid of MSNBC, CNN, NBC, ABC, et al. Quite the opposite. He uses them every day. They are the cats and he is the ball of yarn and directs them to exactly where he wants them to go. And, he knows that the things he says what he says exactly expose their vile hatred for him every day. He knows that anyone, with just one flickering brain cell, is seeing this every single day and is coming to the "right" side.

He's not afraid of calling out the "star athletes" that knelt during the anthem, and not only calling them out but shamed the entire NFL into not allowing kneeling on the field. And, not only that, having those same players ban themselves to the locker room, hiding behind their lockers, peering out from behind them, so after the anthem, they can crawl back on to the field with their tails between their legs, whimpering little toddlers that just had their favorite toy taken away.

Now I'm switching to the democrats worst nightmare! Not only are the people of Iran with America and Trump, but the people of Iran are also now rioting against their leader. Not only rioting but calling for his death. Iran painted a largely American and Israeli flag on their street so the Iranians could show their hate by stomping all over those flags for the cameras. But, instead, it backfired. Most walked around the flags. And not only that, those 2 flags have become symbols of freedom for the Iranians.

Next democratic nightmare. The shampeachment has backfired and now more voters are against impeachment! Now, especially since Nancy Dementialosi held back from giving the articles to the senate after she claimed Trump was a dire and immediate threat to America, but still hasn't given the articles to the senate and asked him to give the state of the union! The economy is roaring and the lower and middle-class wages are rising faster than the top earners.

The next democratic nightmare. They know they don't have even one candidate that can hold a candle to Trump. So, Bloomberg and Steyer are spending billions of dollars to buy their way into the presidency. That outta bring out their base! Remember, their base are the ones who hate white people, hate men, especially if they happen to be white because that's a double whammy, hate the rich and hate capitalism and hate America! Both are straight, white, rich men that made their money by being a capitalist in America and not just a little bit capitalist, but multi-billionaires!

I can just see those little democratic snowflakes grabbing their throats. Crying uncontrollably and fainting to the ground when it's announced that one of those billionaires is the democratic nominee! I hope there are lots of i-phones recording their reaction on the streets. It will be epic and make the howling at the moon when Hillary lost, look like a whimper or maybe even look like a lullaby.

Life is good! The truth is coming out. The democrats are being exposed for what they are. Complete liars and totally corrupt who put illegals ahead of citizens. Homeless destruction of our once-iconic cities ahead of taxpayers that walk on their own streets. Impeachment above helping our President to MAGA. Terrorists above innocents. Kneelers for the anthem ahead of American patriots. Burning the flag instead of saluting the flag. Allowing the study if Islam but not the study of other religions. Taking down statues of our founders instead of honoring their place in history. Shouting down free speech instead of engaging in free speech.

Today's democratic nightmare. President Trump is holding a rally in Milwaukee WI. Tonight, yes, tonight, which same night and at approximately the same time as tonight's democratic debate!

He's not even afraid of ratings! He knows he's on the right side!