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If you are a Texas Patriot, in or looking to join a Texas Militia give me a holler. Join Texas Militias and Patriots here on liberty rush - it's private so send me a friend request and/or then let me know you want to join.

Stay calm and follow the authority's directives. We will get through this. We already have drugs showing promise. Don't panic. Be prepared. Get only what you need! Don't get what you might think your need. This includes commodities like ammo as well as food and toiletries.

The corona virus is being under reported. Stock up on supplies before they are all gone.

Times are a-changing. What was good and wholesome is now bad. There are no family values in society in general. This is scary. The immoral things we see are embraced as normal. The word of God is a thing of the past. Lies from political candidates are openly accepted as truth. This has all been predicted in the Bible. The time to act is upon us. I have been called a radical for my thinking. I have been removed from groups who are to suppose to be at the ready to overthrow tyranny. I call them cowards. They can't tell the trees from the forest. Its time to mobilize. Virginia will be the first target. NY and CA will be the next. We must cut off the head of the snake so the body can live. Don't be afraid! Do what must be done. On the Democrat side, we have a socialist, who is not a member of the Democrat party vying for a nomination. This must never happen. There is a gay man, which is a sin in of itself, wanting the nomination. Finally, we have a Jew, trying to buy elections. Look at what he did to the once-proud state of Virginia. He bought the legislature. These three must go! Make plans to disrupt rallies and get them out of the picture. Our country can not go down the path they want. We had a liar once. I say never again. The rest is up to you.


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