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It’s Time to Abolish Main Stream Punditry

Keeping our nation divided is an agenda supported main stream media like CNN, Fox News, MSNBC Ect... The media and the politicians both profit from Americans believing they should hate their fellow Americans. And oddly enough, the one thing that unites the traditional “right” and “left” in this country is our hatred for those same media organizations and politicians that make money by regularly lying to us. The best way to beat them is to find the things that bring us together in one common purpose and unite around that.

The argument that government is inherently good and is necessary to provide things like Social Security, Medicare and national parks has some truth to it and worked well for both parties in the mid-twentieth century. Democrats and Republicans from FDR to Eisenhower won landslide elections using the good-government narrative. But now that our government is captive to corporations and their lobbyists like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Americans of all ideological leanings are united in the belief that our current government, as it stands, is completely out of touch and needs a radical change from outside the political system to do it.

Americans should be smarter than to allow ourselves to get thrown into the counter-productive left versus right fight hyped by the corporate-owned media and our corporate-owned politicians. If we’re going to fight a binary struggle, it should be populist versus corporatist. That’s the only real division in this country right now. Are you on the people’s side, or on big money’s side?
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Posted in U.S on September 03 at 08:59 AM

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