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Published: 10/30/17, 8:00 pm  

We found that new sound You've been looking for, On a newly launched Facebook Channel called POA TV 

The POA-Tv premiere video "titled Nov 4th " went live at 8 pm Sunday night and was a sick success with 25,500! views in the last 12 hours, while CNN struggles to round up four or five thousand views proving that mainstream news is Doomed and how desperate conservatives are to hear the real truth.

Nov 4th "It begins" was a Common Sense Media laced with graphic language But we don't give a shit and neither should you.

This one is guaranteed to trigger the commie alt-left before and during their scheduled anti-Trump protests this November and way the fuck beyond.

Outlaw Morgan joined POA in this powerhouse video. and together two staunch deplorable with balls of steal body slammed the Antifa pink twinks over the threat of civil unrest brewing this November.

Here's how I this will work... If these little ass-clowns come out of their parent's basement and do riot on the 4th, it will be in the progressive cesspools they already have been rioting in. You know, the cities/states with draconian gun laws and If they do nut up and actually attempt to riot in conservative-leaning cities/states they will either:

1. Be shot dead by armed citizens.
2. Be shot dead by police who are not told to stand down by a lib-tard Governor.
3. come out and nothing will happen.

I've installed cattle bumper on my f-350 because I ain't stopping for no stinking commie illegal ANTIFA parade!

It's been evident for a while now that the mainstream press will not cover this ANTIFA shit truthfully and I guaran-damn-tee you if anything does happen the mainstream press will report that Trump's racist redneck brotherhood killed a few of these little sumbitches. 

Evidence of this is in every ill-informed radio and tv segment, every left-leaning newspaper column, and especially in every terrible Fox News talking-heads segment. Then we can also be certain that government at some point will be at our doors and even come in uninvited.

I have to say how much I appreciate the work POA is doing for our Country. Keep it up! Trigger them shit bags and perhaps wake up a few hobbits. grab CNN by the Antifa they should be dealt with. I researched it for real CNN with 4k views while in the same 12 hours POA-Tv Nov 4th "It begins"
gathered 25,500 plus and still climbing Need I say more?

Some people may not agree with everything this guy stands for, but you have to respect his candor and principles for blatantly calling out the deep state for what it is.

Don't forget to leave a comment here on Liberty Rush we had 10,000 hits this month on topics and no comments and I need those comments so I can attract sponsors. That's how you fight the giant social media book burners. 


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Posted in U.S on October 30 at 06:21 PM

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