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Believe That Throttle Patriots Will Rumble For Freedom

Published: 11/16/17, 8:00 pm
Facebook is prime recruiting territory for Patriotic motorcycle groups with the focus on having pride in our country in today's world when it seems like it is almost "cool" to hate on America. It's the Bikers that are always among the first to step up with rock-solid American values
A lot of times on Facebook, you'll see pages and groups with slogans like We don't dial 9-1-1, we call family.  Despite the harsh sounds of the slogans, 99% of Bikers first line of defense will be dialogue and diplomacy. I can't speak for the remaining 1%, all I can tell you about that 1% is that they'll treat you the way you treat them.
Yesterday I was surfing Biker pages looking for real brass knuckle and bullets type shit to write about until I landed at the Bikers For America Facebook page and was quickly re-grounded by these men and women showing their true American Patriotism! Standing loud and proud and that's What makes a Biker real.
The Biker for America Group describes their brand as "Bikers who support the American way of life! Standing by God, our Constitution, Bill of Rights, Our Flag, Our Military, and Our Veterans."
We will proudly endorse them and if you have not joined here at Liberty Rush yet what are you waiting for? We are full of reminders that it's important for us to remember all the amazing things about our country and that in many ways we truly are lucky to be living here. Even when we're stuck with batshit crazy politicians or unfortunate circumstances, there are so many beautiful things about our country. For every hateful person, there are many accepting Bikers, for every person struggling, there are countless Bikers trying to lift them up
Being a Biker is more than just owning a motorcycleits a way of life! Volunteer and disaster relief work is as much a part of being a Biker as sporting a stern poker face with the black leather, black-orange shirts, and biker boots.
American Biker pride unites us all together in making positive progress for America.  Think about this one, If every biker in America got together and rode together, what kind of political power would we have!?
So Whether you enjoy a Berkeley battle this weekend, or do nothing special at all, Let your pride hang out!

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