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Bikers Support A Candidate Who Aims to Save California From its Endless Tedious Liberal Progressive Loop

Published: 12/3/17, 6:00 pm
Stasyi Barth intends to do that. Barth considers herself a political independent and her sentiment that our country is slipping away from us is a familiar conservative theme

Barth's two prominent Republican opponents, Travis Allen and John Cox, both profess their support and admiration for President Trump, a critical test if they hope to have any shot at winning over conservatives. Stasyi Barth, however, is practically a carbon copy of Donald Trump.

Barth has always been unwavering in her stand against illegal immigration. Recently, the Kate Steinle verdict reignited an illegal immigration firestorm. Lending credence to Barth's position.  Cox, on the other hand, said he is campaigning across the spectrum of the Republican Party, including gay rights, Log Cabin Republicans and the moderate New Majority. Allen is pushing for a ballot initiative to repeal the recently approved gas tax to fund statewide road repairs. All status quo issues.

What about real issues? It's my opinion that California politicians are complicit in the murder of Kate Steinle by allowing illegal aliens to roam freely and allowing them to live outside of the rule of law. Stasyi Barth intends to go to work immediately to end sanctuary cities.

I don't care if Jose Ines Garcia Zarate rubbed a wine bottle and a genie came out and gave him a gun! He pulled the trigger and Kate Steinle is dead. He is a criminal illegal alien and has no constitutional rights.

Another nail in the coffin of western civilization. When a jury is unable or not allowed to take into account the background, criminal history and legal status of the suspect then reality is the very thing they are blinded from.

Americans get 3 strikes while an illegal alien gets the law changed for them and receives sanctuary. Stasyi Barth wants to stop the spread of California corruption and the apartheid double standard festering in California.

John Cox and Travis Allen can claim they admire Trump all they want, but Trump's  bikers endorse Barth.
No matter what part of the country you live in, this election cycle is critical to us all because the tyrannical laws that are born in California slowly creep through the nation.

Governor Jerry Brown, Nancy Pelosi, and their cronies have taken this beautiful state filled with majesty and turned it into a safe haven for illegal aliens, criminals and those in the making. The law-abiding people of California are being treated as second-class citizens in their own state within their own country.


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Posted in Topics on December 03 at 07:05 PM

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