Bikers Vs. Politically Correct Cry Babys

Published: 12/5/17, 8:00 am 
Bikers are Honest about their feelings unlikes most Americans and do not hide behind politically correct language

How in the hell can you be politically correct and still be a Free thinking person
"To hell with you and your political correctness..." Be a Man! Be a Woman!

Political correctness is killing our society.
It seems like everyone is the "political correctness police" nowadays, you can’t go anywhere, say anything, wear anything, or even drive anything without someone being offended for some reason or another. We are raising a society of whiny, childish adults who just look to find fault in anything they can.

While bikers stand behind their views we are also capable of changing them We are strong-willed individualists participating in an unconventional lifestyle.

Bikers don’t bond by eating bonbons and watching Desperate Housewives. They bond by telling dark jokes and brutally roasting each other. If a guy hasn’t called his Bro a cock-sucking faggot” at least once in the past week, they aren’t really friends. Taunting is how men bond And there is nothing wrong with this. But the left wants you to be “outraged” by it. They hate the idea that, Bikers openly don’t give a single fuck about their phony political correctness standards and language policing. They just let their guards down and banter, without a care in the world for “microaggressions.”

Political correctness is a way for many people to not hear the truth, by banning words or phrases we are taking away the right of a person to express the way they feel about an issue. As a society let’s stop worrying about if something we say will offend someone because, in reality, everything we say could offend someone. I’m offended by political correctness so let’s all put an end to being politically correct and spend more time worrying about the things that are important to us as individuals.

You will find it much easier to deal with the honesty of bikers who look you straight in the eye and speak to you truth than it is to cope with the politically correct whiney Bitch world which does not.

Thank you for reading No fuckes given today I have my days this is one of them I woke up this morning to find my post being reported and scored as spam and fake news. Well fuck you too

There is a politically incorrect thunder on the horizon Called we are American Throttle Patriots and do not dance to your Music Join the Liberty Rush safe space away from "safe spaces." We are currently undergoing a rebranding and Biker take over here I have been Banning 2 fucktards for every Biker brother or sister that Joins.
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