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Miss Budlight 2016 Bikini Contest - Dallas Bull Tampa

Contestants compete in the 2016 Miss Bud Light Bikini contest in Tampa, Florida at the Dallas Bull.

Mud Tipsy - Mud Trucks Gone Wild LMF Freestyle

Louisiana Mud Fest has some of the baddest trucks in the South. Special thanks to http://www.trucksgonewild.com and http://www.primecutpro.com

Bike Week Main Street Daytona Beach Florida

Main street and Ocean Ave seem to be a popular place to ride during Bike Week, we go to all the cool bars and see some live music and meet up with some friends, Check out the Uncut Version on Vimeo https://vimeo.com/r/1TZX/SXVsN1NycG

Georgia Mudfest - Trucks Gone Wild

Where does the Georgia mud stack up against other states? Trucks Gone Wild visits South Berlin Mud Ranch for a weekend of mudding. We arrived later on Saturday afternoon to take in the mud trucks and the Georgia party. Filmed in 4k and includes amazing drone footage. 

Mud Trucks Gone Wild - South Berlin Mud Ranch

South Georgia at South Berlin Mud Ranch. After a traffic Jam on Interstate 75, we get there just in time to catch the end of the mud Races. At the end of the race, the driver has to get out of the truck and run and spank the plush monkey. This event is not as crazy as some of the other events but has a lot of really cool custom lifted trucks

Custom Bikes Burnouts & Bartenders - Daytona Bike Week

Check out Extreme Fury Stunterz Inc on Fb They are performing the Motorcycle stunts. 
Cackleberry Campground was awesome Next year we're considering spending the entire week there because it is that good. Every night they have live music on stage and dancers. It is conveniently located right across the street from the Cabbage Patch where we saw the custom bike show. There was a lot of very cool custom choppers with beautiful chrome and stunning paint jobs. We head to the main street to our usual locations. Dirty Harrys, Froggys and Full Moon Saloon. They have a tire changing station and a Burnout pad built so after you burn up all the rubber on your tire you can go get a fresh new one put on. Beers at the campground are super fresh and only $2 per beer. I think it was $40 a night to camp, but it was 34 degrees the first night. 
Link to the Winehouse contest:

Phillippe Park Safety Harbor Indian Mound Phantom

This park has a ton of history starting with Native Americans Building a Huge mound overlooking upper Tampa Bay. In 1842 Odet Philippe turned this 160-acre location into a Plantation becoming the first settler in what is now Pinellas County. He brought cigar making and Citrus to Tampa. This park features lots of Parking, Open Fields for sports, Playground in a large shady area, Pavilions for picnics, Grills paved walkways, and even a boat ramp. If you're staying in the Area this park is a Must see.

Redneck Spring Break - Mud Trucks Gone Wild


Jeepin it Real Redneck Spring Break

Watch The Uncut Version of Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/primecutpro/vod_pages Redneck Mud Park is Located in Punta Gorda Florida. Situated out in the country on some farmland this 1200 acre mud park is one of the Best parks in the Nation. Jeeps, Mud trucks, swamp buggies, quads, tanks, and other all-terrain vehicles come from all over the nation to party down south during spring break in Florida 

Doing Redneck Stuff with My Friends - Mud Trucks Gone Wild

Swamp buggies, mud trucks atvs and side by sides, invade Redneck Mud Park, in Punta Gorda Florida, by the thousands. I lost Kelly right when we got there and didn't see him again for hours. Lucky for me I had plenty of my Redneck friends to help me out and provide beverages and libations while walking barefoot around the park.


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