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Mid-Term Prediction: HUGE RED WAVE to Hit America After Disgusting Kavanaugh Attacks

Election 2018

Here is our prediction for the mid-terms:  Republicans will pick up at least 5 and possibly 6 or 7 or more seats in the Senate and Republicans will maintain leadership in the House.  Below is our support for this prediction.


Social Media Data is No Longer Accurate or Transparent

We can no longer use social media as an indication for who will win the mid-term election or any election going forward.  Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google have all made significant efforts to curtail and eliminate conservative content and publishers.  Posts and articles shared on social media are no longer going viral due to liberal bias by the tech giants.


Polls are Still Flawed

As noted above, the 2016 polls were not accurate and this has not changed.  Democrats continue to try and manipulate people through polls.  They just don’t get it that Americans can now, thanks to President Trump, see through the liberal antics.  The polls for this year’s election are local and are even more skewed due to smaller population sizes.  We base very little credence on the polls except in cases when the Republicans are in the lead.  In these cases, it is highly likely that the Republican will win due to the polls already being skewed towards the left.

Historical House Changes Skewed by Clinton and Obama

The Mainstream Media (MSM) has been harping for months that there is going to be a “blue wave” this year because this is the pattern after a President and his Party win a national election and the House.  However, this is not the total truth.

According to one report, Republicans do much better than Democrats in the midterm elections in this scenario going back to WWII –

On average, Democrat presidents lose 35.2 seats in the House. Republican presidents only lose 11.2 seats in the House in their first midterm on average. Again, this is every president since WWII, so this is a very extensive analysis.

If this average holds true, the Republicans will hold the House.  But we expect that the results of the midterms for the House will be much better based on the items below.

Trump Rallies Show More Excitement than Ever Before!

President Trump continues to hold rallies and they are bigger than ever!  On Monday at his rally in Tennessee, the crowd was massive.  Thousands waited to get in the rally five and a half hours before the rally started. –

The turnout at Trump rallies is huge!  There is more excitement at these rallies than even before the 2016 election!  This is huge and relevant.

The Senate is a different story.  Up to ten Democrat Senators up for election could very possibly be removed from office in this election.  The net gain for Republicans in the Senate will be at least five Senators but more probably more due to so many of these races being in red states that President Trump won handily.

Trump Keeping Promises

The reason that the Trump rallies are so exciting and crowded is in part because President Donald J. Trump is keeping his promises.  In early 2018 the Heritage Foundation rated President Trump ’s first year better than President Reagan’s and we reported this and it was linked to by the Drudge Report.

President Trump is simply doing what he promised.  This is why the stock market is at all-time highs, American’s 401k’s are increasing by the day, the GDP is at an all-time high, the Debt to GDP ratio is declining, ISIS is wiped out of Syria and Iraq, North Korea is working on denuclearization, the US is out of the terrible climate deal, the US is out of the terrible Iran deal, and on and on.

Yesterday, the President announced that he has replaced NAFTA with a new trade agreement with Mexico and Canada that will be good for the US and all involved.  Another promise kept –

The Media is Corrupt and Now Thanks to the President More Americans Understand this

The media does not have a hold over the American people like it once did thanks to President Trump.  More people are looking past, over and around the MSM and relying on other sources like The Gateway Pundit for accurate information.  Despite the socials’ efforts to destroy the conservative message, Americans are finding their news elsewhere.

The more the President speaks out about the “Fake News” media, the more the MSM digs in and promotes dishonest and unsubstantiated stories about the President while ignoring his successes, and the more Americans see the MSM for what it is.  Americans simply refuse to believe the MSM’s negative news on President Trump.  CNN, for example, is at abysmal low viewership due to its continuing promotion of “Fake News”.  Ultimately, the MSM is digging its own grave.

The Brett Kavanaugh Effect

Can you imagine how great this country would be if we had two parties vying for power and competing for votes by promoting and implementing better and better ideas for the United States?  This sadly is not the case.

President Trump implements ideas and actions to make America better.  Democrats do the opposite.

The Democrats entire platform was to attack Trump and anyone near him and attempt to prevent any policy that the President has to help the American people.  Democrats all voted against tax cuts for Americans.  Democrats in the Senate nearly all voted against Supreme Court Judge Gorsuch.  Only after it was clear that Gorsuch would win his nomination, did three Democrats vote for the Judge.

Democrats complain, delay, obstruct and lie about what the President is doing to make America great again.

But what the Democrats are doing to smear and bear false witness against Judge Brett Kavanaugh is possibly their worst attack to date.

Every American should watch Judge Kavanaugh’s opening statement from his testimony last week in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee.  In his speech, he showed his disgust against Democrat smears.  He wept for his family and his name while vowing never to give up.

Senator Lindsey Graham from South Carolina made America proud when he stood up for the good Judge Kavanaugh whose integrity was being crucified by the Democrats and their MSM –

When Judge Kavanaugh told the story about how his ten-year-old daughter had suggested that the family pray for his accusers, it was clear that the Kavanaughs are good people, the salt of the earth, Godly and good Americans.

No one could walk away from that hearing and not know what a national treasure Judge Kavanaugh and his family are.  The Judge was top in his class at Yale, a DC Circuit Court judge for a decade with a clean bill of health, and then suddenly the Democrats and the MSM promoted last-minute smears of him being a “gang-rapist”, a drunk and sexual deviant related to unsubstantiated stories more than three decades ago.

The accusations against Kavanaugh are as disgusting as they get. 

Meanwhile, the Democrats continue to praise the unconstitutional Mueller Special Counsel while promoting the many false targeting leaks from the Deep State against the candidate and then President.

Americans have had enough.  If the MSM and Democrats believe that Americans are on their side regarding the Kavanaugh “scam” and Mueller “witch hunt” they are gravely mistaken.

Americans see right through these scandals, smears, lies and criminal acts.

The mid-terms will not be a “blue wave”, not even close.

Responsible conservatives will vote in more Republicans nationally.  There is nothing more than the Democrats and their liberal media can send at the President that we won’t see through.  Any efforts on their part, like the Judge Kavanaugh crucifixion, will be seen for what it is.  Democrat voter fraud is always a concern but Americans are good and will side with the imperfect man and our great President, Donald J. Trump.

Americans will not allow our great President to be taken down.  Americans will vote for Republicans and support President Trump.

Democrats overplayed their hate.  November will be a Red Wave.


Posted in Topics on October 04 at 10:28 PM

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