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Trump Digs In On Wall, As Shutdown Lingers


“This shouldn’t be that hard to figure out, because when you have that many people that are that many victims of crime happening in this country, that should be enough of a national emergency,” Hannity said.

A total of 158,581 administrative arrests for civil immigration violations were conducted by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement in fiscal 2018, including 105,140 arrests of convicted criminals and 32,977 arrests of individuals with pending criminal charges.

Trump is slated to deliver a speech on border security Tuesday evening before visiting the Mexican border on Thursday amid a partial government shutdown that stems from the dispute over border wall funding.

Trump has long discussed building a border wall and has requested more than $5 billion in funding to build it, but Democrats have not agreed to such a proposal.


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Posted in News & Politics on January 07 at 09:49 PM

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