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Who Is Responsible For The Government Shutdown

By KrisAnn
As the 3rd week of the government shut down comes to a close, President Trump continues to be in a standoff with Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Minority Leader Chuck Schumer over a wall. After the State of the Nation, Tuesday night where President Trump explained the urgency of the border crisis, Rep. Pelosi and Rep. Schumer demanded equal air time wherein almost in an SNL-parody way they explained that this is a trumped up crisis.
Here as some facts about the border crisis:
  • The $5.7 billion requested for the wall takes up only 0.8% of the purposed budget.
  • Illegal aliens cost $116 billion annually.
  • 12.5 million Illegal aliens with their 4.2 million children outweigh the taxes paid to federal and state governments by a ratio of approximately 7 to 1.
  • Studies find that 23% of 43,000 of the illegal aliens committed drug offenses.
  • 12% of the 43,000 in the above-mentioned study shows they committed violent crimes including rape and murder.
  • 1 out 3 women experienced sexually assaulted as they traveled to the border.
  • 90% of all heroin comes across the border.
Today President Trump traveled to the southern border in Texas to meet with Border Patrol, Homeland Security, and local government officials. A Border Patrol officer explained to President Trump and the press, that they have apprehended illegal aliens from 41 different countries within 55 miles vulnerable border area. This is not a threat only from South American countries but from also terrorist infested areas as well.
As another caravan approaches our border, what will we do to protect our sovereignty and safety of our country? Is this political stunt worth the safety of others such as Corporal Singh that was killed in the line of duty by a convicted illegal alien that was protected in and by a sanctuary state? As the Democratic party is requesting $12 billion for foreign aid but they continue to dismiss the humanitarian issues continue to build up at and from our border. President Trumps stated in a profound point in the reasoning of a wall and against the morality issues as some will argue, ’walls are not to keep people out but to keep the loved ones inside protected.’
What will we lose or gain by this wall? leave your comments below?

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Posted in News & Politics on January 10 at 06:28 PM

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