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The Patriot Wagon News: We're moving!

 By Lynn Hoosier
You may have noticed my references to some big changes coming down the pipe...

Well, those changes are here: we're moving!

Yes, we are moving out of the Facebook group we've been using for the past 2 1/2+ years, into a new home of our very own, on a platform that you're going to LOVE called Liberty Rush social network.

Why the change?
To be honest, We've been wanting to get The Patriot Wagon Community off of Facebook for over a year now.

- Facebook is a huge distraction. People might log in to participate in The Patriot Wagon, but as soon as they're here, they get sucked away by ads, by political arguments, Trolls, by other groups...

Given that one of the goals of The Patriot Wagon Community is to help people get past the distractions

- Time seems to disappear when people are on Facebook, and Comparison Fatigue makes people zone out.

We want Patriot Wagon'ers to feel buoyed up by visiting, not bogged down by Comparison Fatigue and zoned out!

- Facebook groups are terrible for archiving and searching for information. You may have used the "search" function, but you may have also noticed that it doesn't actually work!

We want our members to get answers to questions they can't Google, not frustration that they can't find anything they're looking for!

- There are minimal if any privacy and control issues for members in a Facebook group. Facebook can do whatever Facebook wants with the images and text that members upload. Not to mention that users don't have much control over what it shows in our streams and who will or won't get notifications about our posts.

We need a space of our own where we can actually maintain the privacy and confidentiality we value.

- As a Member pointed out, in general, FB promotes shallow, mostly pretty meaningless exchanges over deep, meaningful discussions. I don't think this is the kind of culture you want to promote.

We want our Patriot WagonCommunity to be a space for deep and meaningful discussions and sharing of our vulnerable selves and creations.

- Facebook is peppered with ads, which are all over Facebook groups. Even in secret groups, members are bombarded by ads.

We deserve to have our conversations in a noise-free, ad-free zone, that is OURS, not owned by a big corporation that sees our data points in their algorithm!

In short, I'm done feeding the Facebook monster. I want a space that our community can call our own, so we're moving.

Here's the link to join now The Patriot Wagon on Liberty Rush

But I like Facebook! And I'm already ON Facebook!
I know, I know, change is challenging.

But really, you are going to LOVE our new home on Liberty Rush!

In addition to everything listed above, here are some of the fabulous things about our new space:

• Events are now shown in YOUR time zone! No more having to scramble your brain to figure out what time the event is!

• You can find other members based on their "specialty" (i.e., their primary creative expression)

• You can find people based on their physical proximity to you, wherever you happen to be in the world (so if you're traveling, and another member is nearby, the mobile app will tell you! Not such a big deal now, perhaps, but as we grow, this will be super-cool!)

• You can write "Articles" with as many embedded images and videos as you want! ("Posts" are shorter messages; "Articles" are longer ones)

• You can include images and/or videos in your comments on other people's (or your own) Posts and Articles, too!

• You can send private messages to other members, just like on Facebook

• There's a fabulous mobile app, that makes it really easy to use on-the-go!

I've been using Liberty Rush and I LOVE IT!

Come on in, the water's fine.

See you over in our new home!

Regards: Lynn Hoosier

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Posted in Advocacy and Change on March 02 at 05:22 PM

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