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Why I left Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg, there is only one word to describe you. You are a "TURD"

Your community standards are a blatant denial of our God given and constitutional rights .

Your censorship of conservatives and patriots is pure bias and hatred, based on your insane liberal ideologies.

You allow terrorist recruiting, and republican/conservative bashing, but if we say or insult anything you hold dear to heart,

we get put in your retarded little jail, or even banned altogether. 

Thank God today there are other alternatives for us to share with our friends and family. I personally used your social media

site for a good number of years. In that time I was held in violation of your community standards over thirty (30) times. For 

anyone not good with math that's almost three (3) years my account could not interact with my friends and family online.

Well no more you stinking little TURD, will I tolerate being suppressed by you. No longer will I be used for your monetary gain

selling my data to any unscrupulous entente that will pay you money for private stolen data.

A very large number of us have become feed up with your BS. The really sad thing is that people in general get used to how

they do something (i.e. using your social media site), they have all their connections, photos and history there. 

It's human nature to not want to give it all up, learn something new, and start all over again. But I strongly suggest

that anyone even slightly feed up with the pitfalls of your website, do just that. Leave it, and leave it now, not later.

Get out before you really get burned by the TURDS insatiable greed and lunacy. Mark Zuckerberg it's time

for you to fall, it's time for Facebook to crash and burn. At the very least it's time to break free of the liberal insanity

of the site known as Facebook. It's already in a downward trending spiral. The liberals are destroying themselves, leave

Facebook to them alone, and they will likely destroy it as well. Get out while the getting is good.

Facebook free and very happy now, Lyzabeth Ellisor  


Posted in Current Events on May 13 at 06:24 PM

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