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  • David L. Rosenthal

    Soon we may smell the party burning
    Although some are not too discerning
    Who can't tell a flame from a shadow
    When it's burning they just might not know.

    Some can't feel it when you slap their face
    If their heads weren't attached they might be misplaced
    When they're spit on they think it's raining
    That must come from long years of training.

    The flames are now rising higher
    On they rage but they never tire
    Give them more and they keep on eating
    All opposition they are defeating....  more
  • David L. Rosenthal

    I am not leaving the Republican Party. The Republican Party is leaving me.

    I do not recommend myself as a paragon of patriotism, a role model of morality, or a superior intellect. Yet despite my shortcomings, when I look toward the left, there I see the Republican Party, snuggling up with the Marxist Democrats. It is unnerving.

    I do not like to be made to feel anxious. It annoys me a great deal. I prefer to be a cause of anxiety, not a victim of it.

    It causes me a...  more
  • GryWlf49
    David, appreciate the add! Thank you.
  • David L. Rosenthal

    America has been defeated. It has not yet collapsed. But the fatal blow has been struck that inevitably must result in America's demise.

    America could not be defeated by armies of soldiers. But globalists long ago realized this, and so introduced armies of saboteurs, subversives, indoctrinators, and demagogues, armed with deceptions and frauds dressed up in red ribbons.

    They taught new generations of children to accept lies designed to by increments shift the moral position...  more
    • GryWlf49
  • David L. Rosenthal
  • David L. Rosenthal

    I grew up in Yonkers, where the faces of those seen waiting at the bus stops are seldom smiling. I grew up in a hard environment. I do not shock easily, therefore.

    But although shock is a condition with which I am not very familiar, it now seems to me that what I am experiencing must be something like shock.

    It is not as though I had not been aware that certain elected officials who are registered as Republicans act against the interests of their constituency, and in violation of the...  more
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    • Ralph Stone
  • David L. Rosenthal

    [Sing to the tune of Pop Goes the Weasel]

    All around the bureaucracy
    The traitors are enjoying
    The corrupt acts and hypocrisy
    That they have been employing
    It appears that they are all deaf
    They can't hear us complaining
    But haven't we had enough?
    The swamp we must be draining

    We should protest every day
    Their acts that are disturbing
    Moreover, we must find a way
    Corruption to be curbing

    We must not let the hubbub subside
    Or they'll forget about it
    If they p...  more
  • David L. Rosenthal

    What good is any Republican, who
    Refuses to support the Constitution,
    After he has taken the oath of office,
    Without even a dash of resolution?

    What good could come from a RINO, who
    Compromises on the Bill of Rights?
    As much good as going to see the ballet
    To watch a camel dance in purple tights.

    The Senate has abridged the First Amendment,
    Which is a crime, though no one has made a peep.
    Perhaps they failed to understand what it meant.
    Perhaps they took the oath while...  more
  • David L. Rosenthal

    The Sheriff Scott Israel
    Says that now he is a lion
    But the record shows quite well
    That he is simply lyin'
    And that he is closely linked
    With Islamic jihadis
    Maybe that's why (Do you think?)
    There have been many dead bodies

    Simba's symbiosis
    With jihadis caused psychosis
    He imagines we are sheep
    We should in a cell block keep
    That criminal and traitor
    Who is aiding the jihadis
    Who intend, sooner or later
    To produce many dead bodies

    Or maybe his name should be ...  more
  • David L. Rosenthal

    Rumors of impeachment seem to persist. But they are not likely to play out.

    In order for a president of the United States to be impeached, charges against him would have to originate in the House of Representatives. That could happen, but is unlikely, especially given the large number of registered Socialists who are members of the House.

    It would then be the responsibility of the Senate to prosecute on the basis of those charges. That would be even less likely. Le...  more
  • David L. Rosenthal

    If the trend continues on this way
    Tyranny is bound to overwhelm us
    The laws don't seem to mean so much today
    The legislature does not represent us
    Felons in office permitted to escape
    Whose treason and malfeasance are so clear
    While many our Constitution rape
    Who the Bill of Rights do not hold dear

    But we are still encouraged just to vote
    As though the system weren't simply broken
    If on this subject you cannot emote
    Go back to sleep, pretend I had not spoken
    But if the tre...  more
  • David L. Rosenthal

    More than 40 years in office
    As the Broward State Attorney
    What an impressively
    Corrupt official journey
    What an official record
    Of overlooking sleaze
    Since practice makes perfect
    His misprision comes with ease
    Blinders purchased wholesale
    At the public's expense
    Handed to subordinates
    Whose own awkward pretense
    Comes with greater effort
    Than Mike Satz's own
    Which is to be understood
    As they're not from him cloned
    And have not his long experience
    In violating laws
    Regarding derel...  more