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  • Arlie Kelly
    If Joe Biden wants to keep score:

    In 8 years, Biden & Obama had a net loss of 193,000 manufacturing jobs.

    In just over 2 years, @realDonaldTrump has created 453,000 manufacturing jobs.

    Don’t let Biden take us backwards!
  • Arlie Kelly
    We keep hearing how the Democrats are for Blacks where in fact they only care about the Black vote the same thing that happened to the poor whites from Appalachia’s mountains till they lost their vote from not living up to their promises they made to them now they are trying to flood the United States with illegals and give them the right to vote along with free college, housing, healthcare among other things. Now take a look at all those Democrats net worth both when they first took office and ...  more
  • Arlie Kelly
    These Democrats that are running for office only care about destroying America and anyone and everyone that stands up to save her.
  • Arlie Kelly
    With the Secretary of State Mike Pompano announcing the United States was pulling out of the nuclear treaty signed by then President Reagan. He cited one of the reasons of the fact that Russia has been cheating and started rebuilding and updating them. All this under President Putin and this started back when Obama was President.
    The Cold War was actually restarted on Russia's part long before President Trump took office not only that but it has been hid from the American Public makes you wo...  more
  • Arlie Kelly
    As I watched Face the Nation today I have come to realize that there is a double standard in this country when it comes to politics with two sets of rules. One set for the Republicans which include not lying to Congress, among other things. The there are the rules for the Democrats when in fact there are no rules that they follow not even when it comes ethics. We have seen this in the past with the way the media fawn all over them and the way the news media help them do covering up their d...  more
  • Arlie Kelly
    I have a really crazy idea you know how the old saying a photo is worth a thousand words. Ok and I know this would take an operation with military preseason but can you just imagine life size photos of all of our citizens who have been rapped, injured or murdered appear on the walls that surround the homes of people like Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Diane Finstine, to name a few. What do you think about that idea.
  • Arlie Kelly
    Thank you for the welcome
  • Arlie Kelly
    We are living in very uncertain times. What was once good is bad, what was once bad is now good the world is upside down. I say this because of where I retired from working there all those years and serving to retire has made me jaded. The agency that I worked for averaged a heart attack a week that's what kind of high stress presser cooker environment that it was.
    But the people I worked with were good people who beloved it was their duty to keep our citizens safe. So many of those friends...  more
  • Shirley Campbell
    Welcome to a great place with great people.