Allan Kirkham

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  • Born on: December 04
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  • Don Davidson

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  • Don Davidson
    Thanks for acceptance . Not familiar with this site yet, and am not technologically
    proficient. Will look for your posts to get to know you better.
  • Allan Kirkham
    My account was shutdown due to not setting right privacy setting on a group . Per Rob & a understanding on how the privacy settings go for groups I am allowed to come back in. When I try to log on my email address is not allowed. Could you please fix this as I have to come in back door thru face book. As we all know face book disables your account for free speech
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    • Allan Kirkham
    • Rob Dehaven
  • Mark Dodds
    found you on mewe, can't find sick and twisted am i doing something wrong?
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    • Rob Dehaven
    • Allan Kirkham
  • Allan Kirkham
    Hope this grows to a Social Media as large as & blows face book out of the water. Brand New to Liberty.