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Yuri Bezmenov: Ideological Subversion has Four Stages / Yuri Bezmenov : manipulation de l'opinion

More information on Communist overthrow of Canada: https://nosnowinmoscow.wordpress.com/

(Best info available suggests this footage first aired in 1975)

"WWII was started by Hitler, Stalin and American multinationals, "Useful Idiot" University Professors, Leftists & Homosexuals will be lined up against a wall and shot."

The Four Stages of Ideological Subversion:

Demoralization: 15-20 years to eradicate morals in youth and train them in Marxist thinking. Positions of power in government, civil service, business, the educational system . . . occupied by Leftists, Dissidents and half-baked intellectuals. Essentially complete now in US (& Canada!!!). Irreversible within a generation.

Destabilization of economy, foreign relations & defense systems: 2 - 5 years.
(Soviet Prime Minister Lester Pearson began this with his National Defence Minister Paul Hellyer; Trudeau continued it. KM /HCC)

Crisis: perhaps only 6 weeks

Normalization: Shooting the Dissidents & Useful Idiots, taking power.

And this is what awaits the Jack Laytons and the Dawn Blacks and the other "useful idiot" collaborators with the SOVIET-PENETRATED SOCIALIST INTERNATIONAL. KM/HCC

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